Контракт о финансовых услугах (англ.)

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CONTRACT No ________

«_________________», a company incorporated under the laws of Switzerland, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, represented by its President Mr. ____________, hereinafter called «X», and represented by______________________________ hereinafter called «Trustee», have concluded a contract as follows:

1. Subject of the Contract

1. «X» will provide the Trustee with financial services including the transfer of funds, foreign exchange transactions, cash management in various currencies, audit services.

2. The Trustee entrusts to «X»:

a) The collection of funds from organizations and persons which/who have financial obligations to the Trustee and the credit of the amounts so received onto «X» account No._________________at the Bank, ______________________Geneva, Switzerland or to other accounts which shall be specified and scheduled by the Trustee for each amount collected.

b) The transfer of amounts collected and credited according to clause 2a. onto the accounts of Russian and foreign organizations and persons in accordance with the Trustee’s orders for:
— payments for shipments of goods or services provided by the Trustee;
— payments of penalties and/or interest that the Trustee must pay to its creditors;
— payments of other invoices that the Trustee must pay to its creditors.

c) The use of the amounts of the Trustee transferred to «X» account or other accounts according to clause 2a. of this Contract for the purchase of property, goods and services in accordance with orders arid specifications provided by the Trustee.

3. «X» has the right:

a) to collect a commission of one per cent (1%) out of any amount transferred to the Trustee as stipulated in clause 2a. of this Contract.

b) to collect the following expenses borne by «X», connected with the execution of the Trustee’s orders:
— bank charges;
— legal fees;
— fees for third party services, if the principle of these; fees was previously approved by «Trustee».

c) to demand at the Trustee’s order and from the Trustee’s name the liabilities due from the Trustee’s debtors, in accordance with legal regulations.

d) to transfer at the Trustee’s order the appropriate amounts of money to creditors by means and in currency previously agreed upon with these creditors.

2. Terms of the Contract

4. The Contract comes into effect as from________________and is valid up to _____________________________________.

5. The Contract may be cancelled by either party with 90 days’ previous notice.

3. Responsibility

6. «X» is liable towards the Trustee for damages resulting from fraud and gross negligence by its personnel within the limits of the amounts of money received in accordance with clause 2a. of the present Contract.

7. Rights, liabilities and responsibility of the parties shall be subject to and governed by Swiss Law.

4. Notices

8. All Trustee’s orders connected with the execution of this Contract are considered valid if sent to «X» in written form.

9. Any notice shall be effective seven (7) days after the sending by telex or fax, unless a later date is specified in the notice.

5. Arbitration

10. Any dispute arising from this Contract and/or any allied contract will be brought before the competent courts of the Canton of Geneva.

6. Official Addresses of the Parties

«X» _______________
«Trustee» ___________

The Contract is executed in two (2) copies in Russian and English each, kept by the Trustee and «X», both texts having the same force and effect.


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